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With Mavis, you don’t have to be a technician to create high-quality content.

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Easily mix audio

Control and balance volume, microphones and audio effects all in your mavis cloud app quickly and easily on the fly.

Seamlessly add inputs

Introduce audio inputs such as additional microphones for guest speakers, or music and sound effects to your quickly and easily on the fly.

Effortlessly add graphics

Add graphics to your live stream all from the mavis platform while live to boost engagement and retention.

Shoot from multiple cameras

Capture multiple angles and scenes by seamlessly connecting multiple cameras (or even your iPhone) with the click of a button.

Play videos on your streams

Add pre-recorded videos to your live streams as buffers, introductions, educational content, or anything else!

Access future growth with remote teams

With Mavis’ cloud-based platform, your team can work on live streams from anywhere in the world.

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One platform, multiple uses.

Streamers & Influencers

Event production companies

Sports media broadcasting

Faith-based event streaming

Educational & training events

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Go live in moments with an intuitive interface


Professional quality with lower equipment costs

Advanced Features

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There’s no operation too big or small for Mavis


Use Mavis on any rig or Apple device

Security & Privacy

Your data and privacy is 100% protected

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