We are pleased to announce that Singular.live, renowned for its innovative HTML graphics solutions, has recently unveiled a captivating set of Mavis branded graphics. Specifically designed for live streaming – both on digital and broadcast – the pack is now available on their Uno platform library.

These graphics, crafted to align with the Mavis brand identity and essence, promise to elevate the overall quality and aesthetic appeal of live broadcasts.

Available exclusively on Singular.live’s advanced system Uno, users can seamlessly access and incorporate these branded HTML graphics into their live productions, while customising them on the fly.

The collaboration between Mavis and Singular.live not only signifies a commitment to pushing the boundaries of live video production but also underscores the importance of delivering visually compelling and brand-aligned content to audiences worldwide.

As technology evolves, this partnership positions both companies at the forefront of innovation, delivering enhanced visual experiences to audiences worldwide.

To access the graphics pack, and explore the customisation possibilities, please visit the Uno website.