Picture perfect cuts

Vision switcher


Powerful broadcast switcher with DVE Scenes, Image Sequence Players, wipes and more. Cloud-native apps are easy to use with super low latency.

Orchestrating audio excellence

Audio mixer


Up to 64 input, multi-output channel audio mixer handling mixes for program, monitoring and communication including mix minus. The control panel layout is completely configurable enabling custom positioning for input faders, master faders and DCA group controls.

Multiple lenses, one vision

Multicamera input

Up to 8 simultaneous camera inputs from a combination of Atomos devices and Pro Camera. Each camera has integrated tally, communications and frame accurate sync.

Cameras can be configured remotely in the hub, including encode rates, latency and sync group.

Inputs can also be SRT if you don’t have an Atomos device.

A visual symphony at your fingertips

Configurable Multiviews


Multiviews provide the tangible interface to your show. You can configure a number of multiviews with positions of any source on the switcher allowing you to layout the sources in the best way for you.

Multiviews are used in the apps for control and can also be routed to outputs for external monitors so you can see it on a large screen if you need to.

Wipe on, wipe off

Custom wipes


Add additional sparkle to your show with completely customisable wipes. Upload a sequence of PNG images with transparency which act as the wipe between two sources.

The path to your perfect production

Powerful routing matrix


Every internal and external source is available on the routing matrix and can be selected to multiview monitors, streaming outputs, monitor outputs and the recorder

Sting it, bump it, tease it, roll it!

Video play-in


Internal video playback allows the playback of uploaded video files, such as title sequences and video packages, into your show. Up to two videos can be played back at the same time to allow for complex playback scenarios.

Communicate, collaborate, captivate


Communications are integrated in each camera and control surface. Plus, additional comms can be added with iPhone apps for additional crew members and on-screen talent.

Communications include the ability to listen to program with mix minus for on-screen talent.

Scenes to be seen

DVE Scenes

Create completely customisable scenes and layouts with the extremely powerful DVE Scenes. Any source can be cut into any of the of five layers per DVE, and DVEs can be used as dedicated outputs.

A web of possibilities

HTML5 Graphics


Add stunning HTML graphics to your show with third party graphics providers such as Singular Live or use any HTML you like. All rendered for you in the cloud.

Confident connectivity, from ingest to delivery

SRT Input and output

Add any input or output to your show with the industry standard SRT.